Awesome Wars V2 is live here. Please migrate your NFTs and NFT Addons as soon as possible.

Awesome Wars

Get your Awesome NFT, claim daily AW tokens,
evolve your team and crush your enemies in epic battles.


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Awesome Fonts as Non-Fungible Tokens

Limited supply, 5 Classes, 9 Attributes. Daily rewards, play to earn, fair distribution

Awesome Wars is an on-chain crypto game based on the Font Awesome V6 Alpha commercial distribution. It is a collection of 11,925 unique digital icons, spread across 5 styles. By owning an Awesome nifty and by joining fights, you can accumulate AW tokens which can be used to buy standard addons, upgrade NFT attributes and even get battle bonus by holding LP tokens on our PancakeSwap pool.

Play the game See latest fights!

The first Awesome Wars Tournament is finally here!

Enjoy Awesome Wars in 3 steps!

Get an Awesome nifty

Be among the first to participate in one of the largest NFT game projects in existence.

Plan your NFTs' development

Each nifty produces a daily income. Each PvP battle awards additional AW tokens.

Make it Awesome

Trade nifties, use addons, swap AW tokens, enjoy the experience.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions. If you're still stuck, read the Docs, join our socials and interact with our community.

What are the system requirements?

You can play this game online, using a browser wallet addon (such as Metamask or Trustwallet) running the Binance Mainnet network. An Awesome nifty can be purchased using BNB.

Can you briefly describe the gameplay?

You need to get an NFT and to have some spare BNB to play this game. Your Awesome NTFs will auto-mine AW tokens every day, which you can claim whenever you want/need. You can then use these tokens to improve your NFT's attributes. Want more AW? Go on solo battles or simply buy them on PancakeSwap!

How do battles work?

You can start battles at any given time and the maximum number that you can carry per day depends on your NFT's Stamina attribute. When you start a battle, you will randomly be matched with an opponent. Whoever has a higher battle points value wins. If your asset wins, your wallet will automatically receive 1 AW. If you lose or the battle results in a draw, you will still be assigned 0.1 AW.
NOTE: Each time you enter a solo battle, you are required to pay a small gas fee in BNB (that's how blockchain works).

What can I do with AW tokens?

AW tokens can be used to increase the attributes of your NFTs, to buy Standard Addons, to trade or provide liquidity on PancakeSwap AW/BNB pool.