Awesome Wars - Knowledge Base

Battle points = Life*10 (or *11 if Class Nature) + Armour*10 (or *11 if Class Frost) + Attack power*10 (or *11 if Class Fire) + Defence power*10 (or *11 if Class Shadow) + Magic Power*10 (or *11 if Class Arcane) + random (1, Luck Power)*10 + Min (LP tokens, ) + Win count bonus ( points - winCount vs winCount) + Buff bonus ( points)

*Note: battle points can be modified by Standard and Premium Addons. LP, win count and buff bonuses can be changed by Awesome Wars team with the purpose of improving the gameplay. This page presents them as they are in real time.

Each of your NFTs produces a small sum of daily AW tokens. Under normal circumstances, the daily production is AW.

Valuable NFTs have an increased production. Our smart contract measures win count levels and offers the following bonuses:

  • NFTs with a win count between and have a % increase of production
  • NFTs with a win count between and have a % increase of production
  • NFTs with a win count of wins or more have a % increase of production

Holding LPs additionally increases the production of your NFTs by 3 levels:

  • Holding between and LPs gives a % increase of production
  • Holding between and LPs gives a % increase of production
  • Holding LPs or more gives a % increase of production

Activating your daily buff gives an additional % increase of production.

NFTs which haven't fought at all in the last 48h have their claim income reduced by 90%.

*Note: All cap levels and their respective bonuses can be changed by Awesome Wars team with the purpose of improving the gameplay. This page presents them as they are in real time.

Stamina represents the number of battles you can do in 1 day (since you started your first battle). After you complete all the battles, you'll have to wait approximately 24h (86400 seconds to the next block timestamp) before you can battle again. Or you can upgrade your Stamina attribute and enjoy additional battles.

To win PvP fights, you need to upgrade your NFT features using AW tokens. You can get these by claiming them on a daily basis (tokens that are not claimed are reported), winning fights, or directly from PancakeSwap. All awesome nifties start with 10 points for all their stats (except Luck, which will be assigned randomly from 0 to 10).

Players can upgrade each attribute of their NFTs for a flat price of AW. Stamina and color/animation changes cost AW. These fees can be modified at the request of our community (e.g. increased in later stages of the game).

Each attribute is capped, depending on the rarity of the NFT. Common nifties have each of their stats limited to level 40. Rare assets are limited to level 50, epics are restricted to level 60, while legendary NFTs can reach level 70.

This setup gives a deep complexity to the game. It may be worth buying addons, upgrading your Luck attribute, or increasing your Stamina, instead of doing i.e. a primary attribute upgrade.

You can enhance your NFTs with 12 amazing addons. There are 2 types: Standard and Premium. Any Awesome NFT can host only one of each. Awesome addons fully support the ERC-721 standard and can be traded just like any other NFT.

  • Standard addons can be minted for 20 AW tokens and are upgradable up to level 40 (each level upgrade costs AW tokens). Each standard addon increases only one attribute of an NFT. There are only left to mint.
  • Premium addons cost 0.5 BNB to mint and provide an additional layer of game complexity. A premium addon applies to both NFTs in a battle, with the following priority order: Only Luck Attributes, Only Primary Attributes, Deny Luck Attributes, Deny Primary Bonuses, Switch Luck Attributes, Switch Primary Attributes. There are only still available to mint.

Increase Life

This Standard Addon increases the life stats of your NFT. Each additional level provides an additional life point.

Get an Awesome Addon
  • Increase Life Standard
  • Increase Armour Standard
  • Increase Attack Standard
  • Increase Defence Standard
  • Increase Magic Standard
  • Increase Luck Standard
  • Only Luck Premium
  • Only Primary Premium
  • Deny Luck Premium
  • Deny Primary Premium
  • Switch Luck Premium
  • Switch Primary Premium

We incentivize players who provide liquidity on our PancakeSwap AW/BNB pool by offering them farming and battle bonuses. Each LP token stored in your wallet is worth 1 battle point. The bonus is capped at , meaning that if you hold LP tokens, you will enjoy the full benefits of this feature for both fighting and farming (20% increase).

You can get AW tokens by owning more NFTs (thus receiving a higher daily income), activating daily buffs, fighting (and winning), or by purchasing them directly from the PancakeSwap pool. Occasionally, we will host events/missions that could also allow you to win more AW, such as the weekly tournament.

Awesome Wars is about the Awesome NFTs. Players can upgrade them, play with them, claim AW tokens produced by them and so on. We optimized gas cost as much as possible, to make the game as playable as possible. First of all, we've deployed the game on BSC, to have the lowest fees from a mainnet network. As you all know, BSC has this property, the gas price won't change too much, even if BNB reaches $10k.

Moving on, we've optimized as much as possible all the contract functions. That means that with a single click, you can update multiple stats as a time, claim all the tokens produced by your NFTs at a time, and fight with all your NFTs at a time.

As much as we want, fighting computation can't cost less than $0.5-$0.8, because they bring a change on the network. That being said, we've optimized the "Full battle" mode to produce a single mint at the end of all battles for the initiating address. That means that a battle should cost less than $1 ($0.5-$0.6 most likely) when using this functionality.

AW tokens are produced daily by your NFTs. Players should find a balance between activating daily buffs, fighting with their best NFTs, claiming AW tokens, buying addons and increasing NFTs' stats, so that they can make as much AW as possible. Keep in mind that the AW token has low emissions after a certain level (see tokenomics) and that providing liquidity on allows you to gain extra farming and fighting bonuses for all your NFTs.