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Warning: There are only awesome nifties still available at this price. Minting is limited at 20 NFTs per wallet.
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Awesome Wars NFT Distribution

You are not simply buying a digital good. You are part of a digital movement. Our smart contracts allow you to cater for your NFT, giving you the ability to improve its stats. Thus, you become one of the creators that shapes his property into a timeless work of art, fully integrated into the new digital economy. Don't wait too much, the price is directly proportional to the numbers of NFTs sold:

Price Table

0 - 2999
3000 - 5999 BNB
6000 - 8999 BNB
9000 - 9999 BNB
10000 - 10999 BNB
11000 - 11922 BNB
11923 - 11925 BNB

Each Awesome NFT comes with several attributes:

Awesome Wars nifties come in five classes

each with its own speciality:


Larger Life


Better Armour


Finer Defence


Stronger Attack


Superior Magic

Awesome Wars nifties have 4 rarity levels

with the following distribution percent:


70% of all


15% of all


10% of all


5% of all